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Model Greek-English Center for Preschool Education & Kindergarten
Greek-English Center for Preschool Education & Kindergarten
To Paixnidi Tis sofias

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A few words about us

The secret of all children always over the years, no matter how different they are as characters, is more or less known to all of us. Only with the heart do you see well. The eyes do not see the essence

Our school, which first opened its "arms" in July 2005, focuses responsibly on what children λέ see,, what their parents feel and expect about them and their vision for a world with more children's smiles!

Always relying on the right education & with respect to the diversity of each child, in the context of a modern educational unit, we give daily stimuli to our little protagonists, to discover the world, through experimentation & imagination.

To Paixnidi Tis sofias

Our teaching staff

Faithfully following our philosophy, which believes that children need love & empathy to create the right ideals & with the personalized approach, helps them through observation & subtle activities to discover themselves and those around them.

To Paixnidi Tis sofias

The facilities of our school

They serve another important factor for our little friends, to get to know and & harmonize with nature, combining play & knowledge.

Our building is located in the area… acres that includes one of our playground, fruit trees, orchard…

To Paixnidi Tis sofias

Our philosophy

  • Respect for the child and his individuality

  • Respect for parent and family

  • Experiential approach to learning

  • Comprehensive development of children

  • Family environment

  • Affection, love, security for the child

  • Meraki

  • Kindergarten and family cooperation


  • English and music on a daily basis

  • Collaboration with specialists: speech therapist, dentist, pediatrician and child psychologist

  • Excursions

  • Visits to museums, galleries, art galleries

  • Watching theatrical performances

  • Swimming pool

  • School

Here the children and we are a big family, where we share knowledge and activities
Kids Painting Class